TERMS AND CONDITIONS: teez-media.com

These terms and agreements are still being worked on, but a few things have been set already:


Teez-media.com uses a voucher system, this voucher can be refunded if not consumed at our affiliated websites.
If you did consume your voucher, you lose the rights to a refund. Just like you cannot get a refund on food after you ate it.


TeeZ Media hosts and renders content from 3rd party users. We are not responsible what other people host on their website, however if one of our third parties hosts illegal content, please report this to abuse@teez-media.com and we will investigate and eventually block said party's account from publishing any more.


TeeZ Media will do anything within it's power to guarantee a good service and delivery. In case we do not completely deliver as agreed on, we will make an acceptable refund to your credit balance. In case of circumstances beyond our control, we cannot guarantee a refund, but we will try to make a fitting offer that is within our power to give.


Payment will be dealt with, with PCI Compliant payment processors.
In case a payment gets charged back after the user already consumed his credits. A new bill will be made and sent to his address which needs to be paid within 14 days by bank transfer.


Complaints can be sent to info@teez-media.com, all complaints will be dealt with by our staff and we will try to find the best solution.

Privacy Policy

TeeZ Media will not use your customer data for any commercial advertising or publication. However, your user identification number will be used in our content protection system. Meaning your username and number can be used to be embedded in a video file that you, but only you have access to.


TeeZ Media only uses cookies for Google Analytics. We do not store any of your information in a cookie ourselves.