Media protection




Why do my videos somehow always end up on other sites?

You may have always wondered why your own videos end up on the internet without your permission. On most sites, digital content gets sent to many people at the same time. Every person gets the exact same video, so you cannot know which person put your video online.
Because you don't know, people don't fear getting caught when they upload or sell it elsewhere. You could file a DMCA takedown request to have it removed from the net but still, you had no idea who leaked it and you can't take action against this particular person. So, what's stopping him?

Is there no other way?

Now, there is!
TeeZ Media specialises in advanced watermarking. Not only can we watermark your logo into your video, but better yet, we can watermark private, custom information of your user into the video the moment he requests this video.
He will know that his personal information is burned into the video and it cannot be removed without destroying the video in the process.
Your potential pirate will know that you can read his information and will likely be discouraged enough so he will not copy your video anymore.

But what if the pirate still puts my videos online?

At this point it's easy:
If he still puts the video online, you can read his info, check your member database and cross reference it with your site's payment history to find the information you need about him to go right to the source!
What you do from there is up to you, you can ban him from your site, you can report his fraudulent behaviour to the creditcard company to, so his creditcard gets blocked, or you can call the authorities and hand over the proof they need to apprehend him.

That's fantastic, but... how does it work?

For this to work, you will need to have an active subscription with us, and a tiny bit of web programming experience. Don't worry, it's not difficult at all. We can even do it for you in some cases. After that, your videos need to be stored at one of our processing centers. This can be done through FTP or a tool that we programmed for your convenience.
Then, when you build your own webpage where you offer the video, you need to make a page that redirects the user when the user requests the video. Behind the scenes, your server will send a signal to our server, asking to prepare a video, which settings to use, and most importantly, what data you want to have watermarked in there.
Our server will instantly respond with a URL to redirect your user to. You will then redirect your user to our server to retrieve the video he requested. Depending on the quality and duration of the video, his download will start in a few seconds or minutes.

So... this is copy protection, right?

Well... yes and no. We like to call it "Copy Discouragement". People can still copy it, there's nothing that prevents people from copying it. In fact copy protection just annoys your customers. If somebody buys it, and you prevent him from putting it on his phone, on his media center, or wherever, it will just agitate him even more. We believe it's more fair that he can use it wherever he wants whenever he wants. He just should not share it with other people.
We call it discouragement, because we do not want him to put it out anyplace else but his own home environment. If he keeps it at home, no problem. Just don't put it on the internet!