Media protection




What does it cost?

Our systems are built to help both small and large companies to protect their content. For small companies, you don't need to rent a big webserver to host all your videos, we deal with them! And for large companies, you don't need to worry about the bandwidth your videos are consuming, let us worry about that, so you can focus on your company.

How does it work?

Since we do not believe in recurring payments since this forces people to keep a subscription active against their will. We are strongly convinced that when you deliver quality services, people don't need to be forced into a subscription, but they will renew their account on their own.
Therefore, every payment plan is paid in advance and can be renewed at any time. Basically, your accont will have a bandwidth balance that you can keep adding Giga-Bytes to your account. Your support level is based on the latest payment you completed. So it's really easy to change your account type from Basic/Premium/Pro by just adding more bandwidth.

Setup costsNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
Bandwidth limit**10 GB22 GB34 GB47 GB72 GB120 GB240 GB480 GB
Encoding priority***LowLowLowMediumMediumHighHighHigh
Max queue time10 minutes10 minutes10 minutes4 minutes4 minutes1 minute1 minute1 minute
Support ****BasicBasicBasicPremiumPremiumProProPro
Payment *****Sign UpSign UpSign UpSign UpSign UpSign UpSign UpSign Up

* Price in USD, including exchange fees but excluding tax.
** Note that we re-process your videos to embed copy protection. Our output files may be smaller/larger than your input files. The file will remain available for downloading for one hour. If the user does not initiate the download within that time, a new encode will be started. If the user starts or streams the output video twice or more, there will not be any extra bandwidth charges.
*** Our servers will first process high priority videos, then medium and then low. Having a lower priority may result in longer queue times if our servers are already processing.
**** Basic support: Online documentation and Email support within a week - Premium support: Online documentation, Email and Phone support within one office day (9.00 to 17.00 CEST) - Pro support: As premium but our integration specialists will also help to do the integration for you (on a best effort basis).
***** Signing up will be available after approval from our creditcard processor