Media protection




How does it work?

The system works as follows: Your webserver will send a request to our server to start encoding a file you uploaded, and with which parameters (size and user data).
Our server will then respond with a URL to forward the user to. You can link him there or build an frame in your own site to embed it.
This page will automatically refresh itself and when the video is ready, it will either start to download, or start streaming, depending on your parameters.

It's really that easy!

Uploading is really easy too, you can upload it through our site, you can download a program so you can upload files in queue, or use an FTP client, whichever suits you best.
Once uploaded, you refer to the file, the way you named it.

You can't stop people from copying, people wil always find a way, but using our systems will show exactly who did, and they will know it! That alone is good enough reason to stop copying!