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TeeZ has gathered a lot of experience over the years when it comes to media production. Wether it comes to filming, photography, post-processing and production or even just mediating in getting the right people at the right location.
Not only have we gathered the experience required for these tasks, we've also found smart loopholes to make things run very efficiently. TeeZ constantly looks for innovative solutions to keep the production line as short as possible while increasing the quality of the product.
Our goal is to make as much as possible available online. This really works fastest and easiest. But naturally, some things can only be done on location.

Tips to get started

There are a lot of pitfalls when you want to start making your own videos. To prevent this, we will give you some tips about how to approach things the best way.

You can actually use a webcam for quite some decent shots these days if your camera is of decent quality, but there are a few things to keep in mind.
- Use a decent webcam preferrably with a glass lens. The Microsoft LifeCam Cinema is a very nice model. Try not to fall for 1080p cameras. They can physically record and transfer 1080p video, but webcams send their video uncompressed over the USB line and USB is too slow for an uncompressed 1080p stream. It will either not work or run really slow.
- Don't use an internal laptop webcam. The microphone of these cameras are usually close to the laptop fans and hardware and will cause lots of noise and static. These microphones are designed for you to sit at your desk, so 1 meter / 2-3 feet away from the laptop. If you move away from the laptop, the sound levels will go down a lot, and you can barely hear anything anymore.
- Even if you use an external microphone, the soundcard is still on the mainboard of your laptop, right next to the equipment that causes static.
- Most low quality webcams have very poor lighting and will show a lot of grain in low light conditions. Make sure you have a huge amount of light in your room. Preferrably behind the laptop.

Mobile Phones
Mobile phones are very similar to laptops but their microphone suffers from the same problem: You cannot put it too far away or you can't hear yourself. Phones are good for selfies, not for recording videos at a distance.